1949 Siegfried F. Tandler establishes a gear manufacturing company in the Doventorsdeich in Bremen. Here, amongst many types of geared components, the employees produce differential gears for the automotive industry in Bremen.
1968 TANDLER launch their first gearbox range and present it at the Hanover Fair.
1971 The second plant is inaugurated in the Kornstraße in Bremen. In this plant, mainly gearboxes are manufactured. Since then the factory has been expanded to provide approximately 10.000 square meters of production area.
1973 TANDLER introduced newly developed speed modulation gearboxes into the market.
1977 Kutz und Schulze in Hamburg, manufacturer of gears and owner of their own heat treatment plant, is bought.
1982 The son, Gert Siegfried Tandler officially joins the company.
1984 First international agency outside Europe opened in the United States. This was followed by Australia, South Africa, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand and Brazil.
1987 Installation of the first electronic data processing system.
1989 Reorganization of both companies to GmbH & Co. KG .
1993 The son, Gert Siegfried Tandler becomes executive director. The TANDLER heat treatment plant becomes a separate company, Härterei Tandler GmbH & Co. KG, Bremen, with its headquarters in the Kornstraße.
1999 New bulding for Härterei TANDLER GmbH & Co. KG, 50-year celebration.
26. Dezember 2000 The company’s founder and senior partner passes away at the age of 86. His son Gert remains exclusive managing director.
2001 At the Hanover Fair, TANDLER present a new gearbox range called ServoFoxx®. This range combines the proven elements of TANDLER gearboexes with planetary gearboxes.
April 2004 First Participation in ‘Techno Classica 2004, Essen in Germany. Relaunch of TANDLER gears for the autmotive industry: gears for historic vehicles.
June 2004 Completion of the amalgamation of the two Bremen plants in the Kornstraße.
2005 Introduction of the “FELIOS” production planning and control system.
2007/2008 Updating of the office and factory buildings completed.
Juni 2009 60th anniversary of the company.
2011 New planetary gearboxes series “P” launched.