Bevel gearbox

Bevel gearbox – precision made in Germany since 1949

TANDLER description: Spiral bevel gearbox

High-precision and high performance spiral bevel gearboxes from TANDLER are used worldwide in all industrial sectors of mechanical engineering.

Our comprehensive manufacturing facilities and our in-house heat treatment make us extremely flexible and responsive. We work together in partnership with you, providing advice and assistance for your specific application, guiding you through concept, design and manufacture according to your individual requirements.

Provides invaluable benefits for customised solutions.

Additional drive shafts and a choice of internal gear arrangements make the standard version of our spiral bevel gearbox truly adaptable. From one to three additional shafts, you will find the perfect solution.

  • Accuracy of gearing guaranteed by verifiable inspection reports (single flank test)
  • Various gearbox quality classes
  • Numerous special options available, such as reinforced bearings or cooling for operation at high temperatures
  • Versions for special requirements such as ATEX or for use in the food industry
  • Various corrosion resistant finishes: aluminium, stainless steel, painting or Tenifer 30 NO treatment

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Further Information

For dimensions, performance data und additional information, see our spiral bevel gearbox-catalogue.
Spiral bevel gearboxes-catalogue

Or are you interested in CAD design data?
Bevel gearboxes

Spare parts & repair

Do you need spare parts or for your gearbox to be overhauled? We guarantee a full supply of spare parts!
Spare parts & repair