Bevel gearbox with flange

TANDLER description: spiral bevel gearbox series F

Icon CAD-DownloadA bevel gearbox with various flange designs and a hollow input shaft with keyway can be assembled to virtually any AC or DC motor available in the market. For highly dynamic servo applications ServoFoxx® gear units are used.


i = n1:n2 = 1:1 bis 6:1 (depending upon gearbox size)
i = n1:n2 = 1:1 bis 1:2 (depending upon gearbox size)

Please enquire for alternative ratios.

example: gearbox assembled with flange mounted motor
example: gearbox assembled with flange mounted motor

Further Information

For dimensions, performance data und additional information, see our spiral bevel gearbox-catalogue.
Spiral bevel gearboxes-catalogue

Or are you interested in CAD design data?
Bevel gearboxes

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