Hypoid gearbox with hollow shaft or with hollow shaft and shrink disc

TANDLER description: ServoFoxx hypoid gearbox HYP FS2 HW | HWS

Variant HYP FS2 HW

In the HW version, the output side is configured as a hardened and ground hollow shaft with keyway. So a simple connection via shaft and key is feasible. The high surface hardness of the shaft prevents premature fretting of the positive connection.

Variant HYP FS2 HWS

The HWS design, with a ground hollow shaft and shrink disc has a strong, positive connection. This is completely free of play and resistant to shock or reversing loads.

Technical data

Gearbox size 8 gearbox sizes available
Ratios 5:1 – 8:1 – 10:1 – 12:1 – 15:1
Alternative ratios on request
Max. torque Up to 2.118 Nm
Max. speed Up to 3.000 min-1
Higher speeds on request
Backlash ≤ 6′
Reduced backlash ≤ 3′
Output shaft diameter From 16 to 70mm (HW) and from 20 to 70mm (HWS) depending on the gearbox size
Motor shaft diameter From 8 to 55mm depending on the gearbox size

ServoFoxx hypoid gearbox HYP FS2 HWS 3D model

Further Information

For dimensions, performance data und additional information, see our ServoFoxx® gearbox-catalogue. ServoFoxx® gearboxes-catalogue Or are you interested in CAD design data? ServoFoxx® servo gearbox

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