Hypoid gearbox with robot flange or hollow shaft

TANDLER description: ServoFoxx® hypoid gearbox HYP FS2 RF | RF HW

Variante HYP FS2 RF

With the RF-design, tools for industrial robot applications in accordance with EN ISO 9409-1 can be mounted on to the robot flange. Here we can offer the ServoFoxx® hypoid as an alternative to conventional planetary gearboxes, because the right angle output saves important installation space.

Variante HYP FS2 RF HW

RF HW is our expansion of the robot flange according EN ISO 9409-1 with a hollow shaft to enable supply lines, cables or hoses to pass through the gearbox. This cannot be done with a conventional planetary gearhead due to the internal coaxial structure.

Technical data

Gearbox size 8 gearbox sizes available
Ratios 5:1 – 8:1 – 10:1 – 12:1 – 15:1
Alternative ratios on request
Max. torque Up to 2.118 Nm
Max. speed Up to 3.000 min-1
Higher speeds on request
Backlash ≤ 6′
Reduced backlash ≤ 3′
Output flange diameter From 50 to 160mm depending on the gearbox size
Motor shaft diameter From 8 to 55mm depending on the gearbox size

ServoFoxx hypoid gearbox HYP FS2 RF HW 3D model

Further Information

For dimensions, performance data und additional information, see our ServoFoxx® gearbox-catalogue. ServoFoxx® gearboxes-catalogue Or are you interested in CAD design data? ServoFoxx® servo gearbox

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