Planetary bevel gearbox with input shaft

TANDLER description: ServoFoxx® planetary spiral bevel gearbox series PSK2

ServoFoxx® gearboxes with an input shaft are also suitable for conventional mechanical drives, without servo technology.

Owing to the feasibility of high ratios the PSK2 gearbox is especially useful for an emergency manual drive, with the hand wheel simply mounted to the input shaft. Additionally, of course, the use of the gearbox in motor-driven applications without any restrictions is possible.

Technical data

Gearbox size 9 gearbox sizes available
Ratios Up to 60:1
Higher double stage ratios on request
Max. torque Up to 2.050 Nm
Higher torques on request
Max. speed Up to 3.000 min-1
Higher speeds on request
Backlash ≤ 8′
Reduced backlash ≤ 4′
Output shaft diameter From 14 to 65mm depending on the gearbox size
Input shaft diameter From 11 to 24mm depending on the gearbox size
Gear arrangement Lots of differents gear arrangements available

ServoFoxx planetary gearbox PSK2 3d model

Further Information

For dimensions, performance data und additional information, see our ServoFoxx® gearbox-catalogue. ServoFoxx® gearboxes-catalogue Or are you interested in CAD design data? ServoFoxx® servo gearbox

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