Speed modulation gearbox

Speed modulation gearbox – precision made in Germany since 1949

The TANDLER speed modulation gearbox is the perfect solution for any application requiring shaft phasing, precise registration or narrow range speed control. Forwards or backwards speed modulation is generated when the worm shaft d3 which engages the outer sun wheel, is rotated.


  • Planetary bevel gearbox, input and output at right angles:
    series SP2
  • Single stage planetary speed modulation gearbox, coaxial:
    series PE2
  • Double-planetary speed modulation gearbox, coaxial:
    series PD2/PDS
  • In-line bevel differential modulation gearbox, coaxial:
    series KD


  • High performance gearbox – quiet operation
  • High precision and concentricity
  • Minimal backlash
  • Spiral bevel gears from alloy carburited steel, hardened and lapped to give best surface contact.
  • All gear sets may be processed with Palloid-, Cyclo-Palloid, HPG-S or with ground tooth flanks cutting (see spiral bevel gears
  • All sun gears and planetary gears are dressed to size to quality 4-5

Using multi-start worm gears, the speed modulation ratio may be reduced to increase the speed of response.

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Further Information

For dimensions, performance data und additional information, see our Speed modulation gearbox-catalogue.
Speed modulation gearbox-catalogue

Or are you interested in CAD design data?
Speed modulation gearbox

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