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The TANDLER gearboxes in the SP2 series consist of planetary gears with an adjustable ring gear for speed modulation and a spiral bevel gear. This combination enables the generation of different gear ratios as well as the accommodation of perpendicular input. The SP2 gearboxes are ideal for synchronising individual stations in bevel shaft machines. They can of course also be used for other applications, such as in testing facilities or in positioning systems.

This combination supports a range of gear ratios when used in conjunction with a perpendicular input (or output).

Like all TANDLER speed modulation gearboxes, the SP2 series is characterised by its very fast reaction times due to its low moment of inertia, as well as its long service life and low maintenance requirements. In addition, they also offer extremely high true running accuracy and low torsional backlash. Ground tooth flanks meet the highest requirements for transmission behaviour.

Each gearbox delivers extremely high true running accuracy and low torsional backlash.

Technical data

Ratios of shaft d1 i = n1:n2 = 1,66:1;   1,33:1;   1:1;   1:1,2;   1:1,5;   1:2;   1:3; 1:3,75
Ratios of shaft d2 i = n2:n1 =  4,5:1; 3,75:1;   3:1;   2:1;   1,5:1;   1,2:1;   1:1;   1:1,33
Ratio of shaft d3 i = 135:1
Gearbox size 12 gearbox sizes
Max. torque 2500 Nm
Max. speed at shaft d1 1000 min-1
Max. speed at shaft d3 3000 min-1
Input & output Right-angle
All bold-marked “preferred gearboxes” sized 01 – B1 may be delivered quicker than other gearboxes. Please ask for them!

You can combine them with every spiral bevel gearbox series.

You can choose different mounting positions for the shaft d3 till the gearbox size B1.

Using mutli-start worm gears, the speed modulation ratio may be reduced.

SP2 Versions

SP2 Standard Version

These gearboxes implement phase compensation required for multiple inputs (mathematically precise), as well as control and synchronisation of the input shafts with the perpendicular output. A variety of gear ratios can be achieved as standard through the use of different bevel gear ratings.

SP2 with reinforced shaft

SP2 mit verstärkter Welle
Often the SP2 gearboxes are used in an input gear train (bevel shaft) to transmit ramped down torques to individual stations. The torque transmitted by the gearboxes via the through-shafts (d2) is often many times higher and demands the use of a reinforced version. This differs from the standard version only with respect to the PTO dimensions at d2. Due to the larger diameter of the through shafts, no switching function is possible. This also applies to all the hollow shaft versions.


SP2 Switching and disengaging gearbox

SP2 switching and disengaging gearboxIn order to deactivate individual stations of a machine or to reverse the direction of rotation, our SP2 speed modulation gearboxes are also available as disengaging gearboxes (AS) or switching gearboxes (S). A lever is used to disengage the individual outputs or to reverse their running direction. The position of the lever is freely selectable. Pneumatic, electromagnetic or hydraulic switching options are also available.

Further options

SP2 weitere Optionen
hollow shafts, flanges on the worm shaft (d3) or additional outputs present no problems with the TANDLER’s comprehensive modular system. The 12 different sizes ensure that right gearbox is available for every application.


Further Information

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