Download design data of bevel gearboxes

On this page you can download design data of our bevel gearbox (Spiral Bevel Gearbox) series SK F (with flange).

You can get 3D models (stp und sat) and 2D drawings (dxf und dwg).

Download with mouse right click and “Save target as…”

    2-D 3-D
00 160 F 00 X X X X
01 160 F 01 X X X X
A1 200 F A1 X X X X
B1 200 F B1 X X X X
C1 300 F C1 X X X X
D1 350 F D1 X X X X

The drawings in STP- or SAT-format show a flange according to DIN 42677. Nevertheless, other flange diameters are available on request.

In the case you work with another design software, please do not hesitate to ask the file format you require.

In order to define size of the gearbox you need, please refer to the matching torque table, available in our spiral bevel gearbox catalog.

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