Quality control

Quality has top priority for us

After each stage of production our gears are subjected to rigorous quality control. For small batch production, no gear will be delivered until it has passed comprehensive final inspection checks. For large production quantities, statistical sample quantities are taken and thouroughly inspected.

If desired, gear inspection reports can be provided.

Many of these quality checks are carried out on special gear inspection equipment:

Dual flank measurement up to Ø 800 mm
Tooth profile and flank direction test up to  Ø 1050 mm
Single-flank measurement for spiral bevel gears with palloid and cyclo-palloid HPG-S -Tooth Cutting up to Ø 600 mm
S toothing up to Ø 450 mm
Pitch test coordinate testing machine x=650mm, y=750 mm, z=500 mm

Analysis of transmission error

Analysis charts

Surface finish control

Hardness and material testing in Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers