Stainless steel gearboxes for the food industry

The highest standards of hygiene

The increasing automation of the food industry demands high hygiene standards. Particularly when the gearboxes come into direct contact with food, they need to be appropriately conceived to withstand intensive cleaning cycles. For this purpose, they must be corrosion-proof and the surfaces designed to have as few holes and gaps as possible, which would otherwise facilitate the growth of bacteria and microorganisms. Naturally, the exterior components of the gearboxes are made of food-grade materials and filled with H1 lubricants (also NSF H1) where necessary.

The properties of stainless steel gearboxes make them suitable for other applications as well. In particular, this includes situations where maximum corrosion protection is crucial, such as applications involving seawater or outdoor installation.

Stainless steel gearboxes by TANDLER

TANDLER’s stainless steel gearboxes catch the eye with the following properties, among others:

  • Smooth surfaces with customer-specific fastening holes
  • Use of food-grade stainless steel with the highest level of corrosion resistance
  • Standard version is factory-filled with food-grade, synthetic NSF H1 oil

Our stainless steel gearbox range accommodates various installation sizes and transmission ratios. They are available in various versions, such as with a hollow shaft or a reinforced shaft.

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Spare parts & repair

Do you need spare parts or for your gearbox to be overhauled? We guarantee a full supply of spare parts!
Spare parts & repair