Cost-optimized planetary gearbox

TANDLER description: ServoFoxx® planetary gearbox series P (single and double stage)
The planetary gearbox series P 10 to P 60 (single stage) and P 12 to P 62 (double stage) are a new development from TANDLER, completely independent of the existing ServoFoxx® planetary gearbox.

Six sizes are available, with ratios from 3:1 to 100:1.

Backlash is less than 6 arc minutes.
The high accuracy Tandler manufacturing process ensures that the highest quality transmissions are supplied.

All P range gearboxes are grease lubricated for life. External surfaces of the gearbox casing, including the aluminium components are corrosion resistant.


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single stage

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double stage


Technical data

Gearbox size 6 gearbox sizes available
Ratios One stage: 3:1 – 4:1 – 5:1 – 7:1 – 10:1
Two stages: 12:1 – 15:1 – 16:1 – 20:1 – 21:1 – 25:1 – 28:1 – 30:1 – 35:1 – 40:1 – 49:1 – 50:1 – 70:1 – 100:1
Max. torque Up to 2.890 Nm
Max. speed Up to 3.400 min-1
Higher speeds on request
Backlash One stage:≤ 5′
Two stages: ≤ 8′
Reduced backlash One stage:≤ 3′
Two stages: ≤ 6′
Output shaft diameter From 16 to 75mm depending on the gearbox size
(key optional)
Motor shaft diameter From 9 to 55mm depending on the gearbox size

Coaxial input and output

With every enquiry or order, please provide the motor data (eg torque, speed and frame size).

Please ask!

Further Information

For dimensions, performance data und additional information, see our ServoFoxx® gearbox-catalogue. ServoFoxx® gearboxes-catalogue Or are you interested in CAD design data? ServoFoxx® servo gearbox

Spare parts & repair

Do you need spare parts or for your gearbox to be overhauled? We guarantee a full supply of spare parts!
Spare parts & repair